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451 Worcester Rd
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Our passion for cars started off as a hobby, and has turned into a small business. We search the entire country every day, night, and in between to find these beautiful vehicles and bring them right to your front door.

When purchasing used vehicles, I don’t just buy anything I may find…. I make sure the history of the car is up to par to say the least. Shortly into our car career we realized that most used cars have been crashed and painted or have been salvaged and cleaned so because of this we got an unlimited membership to CarFax so we never find ourselves making a mistake of buying a car we wouldn’t want for ourselves.

We are a small up and coming used car dealership that does things the right way. We strive to keep our customers as happy as possible because this day and age reputation is everything. To this day we have not had a single unhappy customer because if an issue arises we make things right. We treat every customer like they are part of our family.

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